We do our best to respect the environment. This is why we want to make you aware of the following practices:

Rubbish disposal

Recycling containers for sorting your rubbish are available behind the reception building next to the car park. We can recycle glass, paper and packaging. This simple gesture enables us to reduce household waste by 30%. The remainder is then buried or burned. You can take your used batteries to reception. If you have large items to throw away we can collect them from your pitch, please enquire at reception.

Energy management

Energy production causes greenhouse gases. For several years we have been using energy saving light bulbs, and timers for the lights outside. We also buy well insulated rentals. These actions decrease energy consumption, but we need you to help us prevent energy waste. If you turn out the light when you leave a room, or put on the air conditioning only while you’re in and with closed windows you can contribute to achieving 100 % energy efficiency.

Water management

Everybody knows that water is precious, and that’s certainly true in our warm southern climate. Furthermore, cleaning drinking water and treating sewage uses lots of chemicals. You can help us reduce water consumption by warning us if you spot a leak, by not leaving the tap running unnecessarily, by explaining to your children why they’re not allowed to play with water in the shower blocks or at water points…

Use of chemicals and cleaning products

We try to use chemicals as little as possible : only one chemical weed-killer application per year, automatic regulation of the chemicals in the swimming pools…Whenever possible we also buy ecological cleaning products.

Individually packaged products

We do our best to find practical and hygienic alternatives to individually wrapped items (in our welcome packs, the restaurant and the snack bar…)